Music and Lyrics that go round my mind..

Ahhh forgot about this… hehe
May 3, 2008, 11:07 am
Filed under: Acoustic, Jpop, Pop

But here I go with some memory dumps of recent lines from songs 🙂
atm it’s a jap one 😛
called Passion by utada
omoi dase wa,…mitaa.. boku ni wa… [mostly music cos I can’t remember the lyrics :P]

from High School musical 2[This is gonna be one of those songs I’ll be able to sing off by heart :)]:
I gotta say what’s on my mind,
something about us, doesn’t seem right, these days,
life keeps getting in the way,
whenever we try somehow the plan, is always rearranged..
It’s so hard to say, but I gotta do what’s best for me, you’ll be ok,..

I go to move on and be who I am,
I just don’t belong here,
I hope you understand..
We might find our place in this world someday,
but at least for now,
I gotta go my own way..
Avril Lavigne’s Innocence:
This innocence, is brilliant,
I hope that it would stay,
This moment, is perfect..
please don’t go away,
I need you now..
so hold on to this won’t you let it pass you by..
I’m yours – Jason Mraz
I won’t hesitate no more, no more…
It can not wait, I’m yours..
..listen to the music with the moment maybe on sing with me.. I love[ala] peaceful melody..
No need to complicate our time is sure, this is our fate I’m yours..
Garnet – Oku Hanako – a friend’s favorite song 🙂
Even if someday I like someone else,
You will always be special and important to me,
like the seasons which come again..

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