Music and Lyrics that go round my mind..

Ask me why?


So why another blog?

I don’t want to just mush up everything in one blog.. I want it to be more clean..

Yes, even categories ain’t good enough for me when there’s a purpose like this blog..

And what a better way to restart my writing than to start a new blog ha ha ha…

my other blogs are dead atm cos of FACEBOOOK 😛

Edit: Oh I forgot to write the purpose…

The purpose is as the title says, to record the lyrics and music I hear and have stuck in my head all day or for several hours or just the 10 minute non-stop hehe..

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Miss Kina,

How are you? I’m David hirofan in Ohio (USA.)
Have you heard any songs of hiro? She is my favorite singer. She was in the group Speed and has performed solo the past few years.

Do you have a list of songs that you have performed on Youtube? Have you sung any popular BoA hits? Thank you and take care, David hirofan

Comment by David

Listen to my Xmas Gift and thank you for your Accapella.

Comment by Malitha

Listen to My Xmas Gift for you! and Thank you!

Comment by Malitha Dilanka

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