Music and Lyrics that go round my mind..

June 18, 2007, 10:26 pm
Filed under: Boredom, Music

is an application on facebook that lets you add music you like to your profile..

It also lets you play an addictive game… which my bro and some friends keep owning me in hehe..

it’s also good to learn new music and see how easy it is to distinguish some bands/singers are from others..

One can also see how similar some bands are such that you cannot tell one from the other,…even though me not knowing the band could be a contributing factor..

Bands that sound similar:

simple plan, yellow card, all-american rejects, weezer

pink floyd, pearl jam, nirvana..

switchfoot and relient k

those noisy hiphop bands..

my bro’s obsessed with owning me in everything.. esp since I don’t play any online game with him anymore.. so facebook provides that..

currently there are two games: iLike and the Pets .. but there’s also petting the fluffy friends and throwing food at me.. lol