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Alive again! – Introducing Star Maker! On Apple devices :D
January 27, 2012, 10:02 am
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I just got this two days ago and I can’t stop recording and playing it! It’s awesome! It’s like having singstar on the go! 😀
check out my newest recordings!

Songs that fit my vocal range/persona
October 6, 2007, 5:06 pm
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I think the songs that I can sing best and that suit my voice..
And I can remember well and sing without getting mistakes [much anyway] the best include:
My Immortal – Evanescence
I’m With You – Avril Lavigne
Think of me – Phantom of the opera [just not the ending part :P]
Don’t say you love me – M2M

Edit: I put a page for this on the side, so I can add to it 😀

And those which are suited but I still can get mistakes/trouble singing:

Quiet – Rachael Yamagata
Good Enough, Lithium – Evanescence
Some Brooke Fraser songs incl: Mystery, Waste another day
Some BSB songs incl: I Just want you to know, Shape of my heart, The one, and more.
Kelly clarkson – Because of you, Behind these hazel eyes, Beautiful Disaster, +
[although there are higher parts that I have trouble singing heh]
Most Sarah Mclachlan songs that I like/sing well[not as well as her] – perfect girl, good enough, elsewhere, hold on, circle, push, possession
Dido – The popular ones – White Flag, Here with me
James Blunt – some incl: High, Goodbye my Lover, Cry, Tears and Rain
Mandy Moore – Only Hope, Crush, Cry,
The Corrs – Runaway, Radio, Love to love you, Give me a reason, +
Nickelback – Someday, Saving me,
Chasing cars, How to save a life [in different keys cos it’s too low lol]
Savage Garden – some..
The lower ranged delta goodrem – Butterfly, Innocent eyes, Will you fall for me
M2M songs~

slow Ayumi songs
You are my love – Yui Makino
For Fruits Basket
Kaze no Machi e
Truth – Yuna Ito [have just sung it once or twice but I can see the vocals suit me]
Arigatou – Kokia
Life is a boat – Bleach
Slow Yui songs incl: Good bye Days
Slow Utada songs 😛 [yes slow are better when they are hard to sing]
Boa – Every Heart
Some korean songs provided I have the lyrics and the proper pronounciation

Songs others like me to sing:
cutesy anime ones that are a bit babyish/childish at times..

Other songs that I like and can’t sing?
Veronicas, JT, Yui, Utada, any fast songs 😛 – oh and all the other artists listed on facebook 😛
and those hard ones that jenny can sing like mariah carey, beyonce hehe..