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Chris Tomlin
March 15, 2009, 7:19 pm
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has amazing music and lyrics 😀
maybe sometimes can be fluffy but it’s great 😛

“Everything you hold in your hands, yet you make time for me, I can’t understand..
“Praise you God of earth and sky, How beautiful is your unfailing love..”


Michelle Branch
July 31, 2008, 8:37 pm
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I heard she was writing a new album and it’s out soon! 😀 it’s been years! I wonder how her voice has changed if at all 🙂
just today her song stuck in my head

“I wanted, to be like you, but I got swept away..

If you want to I can save you,
I can take you away from here,
so lonely inside, so busy out there,
and all you wanted was somebody to care..

Please can you tell me, so I can finally see.. where you go when you’re gone..”

June 4, 2008, 9:59 pm
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A friend asked me a few weeks ago.. what cd was my favorite..
but I dont really have one..
it all depends on my mood..
she told me to name three cds..

I thought about it later.. and .. I don’t have a particular cd
but I do not mind listening to songs that reflect my mood or my thoughts or my personality..
I think that’s what makes me like a song a lot..
and of course, the melody can’t be too repetitive or cliched.. cos then I’d start to get sick of it or cringe it..
I can’t listen to one song for too long.. I get afraid that I’d hate it in the end 😛

But if you have to narrow it to Cds.. then those that I won’t get sick of that easily are:
Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson
Fumbling into Ecstacy, Afterglow – Sarah Mclachlan
Best of – The Corrs
Innocent Eyes – Delta goodrem [selected]
Shades of Purple – M2M [selected/mood]
What to do with daylight – Brooke Fraser [selected]
Incomplete – BSB [selected]
Damien Leith’s first album of covers – selected [I only like his voice haha not that i’ve heard of his actual songs though :P]
Michelle Branch’s First album! Spirit Room

Growing to like cds/artists – but need to listen to more thoroughly:
The Fray, Lifehouse, Nickelback, Chris Tomlin, Albertine – Brooke Fraser, Sakamoto Maaya’s new album from Japan, Imogen Heap, Yui, Jason Mraz – cool stuff!

Old favorites that I listen only when I’m in the right mood lol..cos some are just cringy or remind me of things..:
James Blunt, Veronicas, Guy Sebastian, BSB oldschool, Evanescence, Savage Garden, Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, Musicals of sorts, furniture music, OSTs/soundtracks

It’s rainy and gloomy and why does this song stick?
June 4, 2008, 9:36 pm
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sometimes songs just stick and they don’t relate to anything..
or maybe they do.. in some way

for some reason I thought these two songs were the same song.. maybe cos it worked when you sung it..
“Been up all night drinking[thinking], to drown my sorrow down/I would not hesitate”
“to tell you all the things I never said before, don’t tell me it’s too late..
Cos I’ve relied on my illusions,
to keep me warm at night..
But I denied in my capacity to love
I’m willing to give up this fight..” [then connects to]
“If all of the strength and all of the courage
Come and lift me from this place,
I know I can love you much better than this..”

It’s interesting.. cos they contradict.. just like my mind does sometimes 🙂

The songs are by Sarah Mclachlan

Albums and itunes
November 11, 2007, 6:04 pm
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Lately I’ve been downloading some songs from itunes 😀 cos I got an itunes gift card from a friend for doing photography work with her 😀
and then I think because of that It also lead to buying various albums 😛
I found some albums to be cheaper if I bought them in a shop and others cheaper on itunes – if I only wanted one or two songs etc..
so what I got so far are old albums as well as a few new..
Brooke Fraser – Albertine
Sarah Mclachlan – Solace
Kelly Clarkson – Thankful
Chris Tomlin – Arriving
Garage Hymnal – Take my life

Currently Bidding:
Lifehouse – No name face

Bought on itunes – some stuff that I had liked before and heard on radio or recommended by friends or remixes[some weren’t that good].

Utada Hikaru – remixes – Addicted to you, Hikari, Passion – game ver, Wait & See
Jars of Clay – Waiting for the world to fall
Avril Lavigne – My happy ending, When you’re gone
Lifehouse – You and me, Hanging by a moment
Kelly Clarkson – remix acappella – Walk away
Rachel Yamagata – Quiet, Be be loved
Delta Goodrem – Believe Again, In this life, Bare Hands
Ne-yo – Because of You

The sucky thing about itunes is, once you buy it, and if the song sucks, you can’t get the money back 😦

Beautiful Disaster
November 11, 2007, 5:51 pm
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I just found out just now that that song by Kelly Clarkson sounds So different on the Thankful album compared to the Breakaway album – a live version..
I like the live version way better, I don’t know why but the album version sounds so different and not appealing.. :/

maybe cos I’m used to the live ver..

but anyway, about kelly, I’m gonna see her live concert in march!!! XD
and although I love her breakaway album, I find the newest album to be a different style and too rocky with a different attitude?[so I didn’t get it] and then her past album ‘Thankful’.. a bit weak maybe.. – or maybe they’ll grow on me..

Songs that fit my vocal range/persona
October 6, 2007, 5:06 pm
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I think the songs that I can sing best and that suit my voice..
And I can remember well and sing without getting mistakes [much anyway] the best include:
My Immortal – Evanescence
I’m With You – Avril Lavigne
Think of me – Phantom of the opera [just not the ending part :P]
Don’t say you love me – M2M

Edit: I put a page for this on the side, so I can add to it 😀

And those which are suited but I still can get mistakes/trouble singing:

Quiet – Rachael Yamagata
Good Enough, Lithium – Evanescence
Some Brooke Fraser songs incl: Mystery, Waste another day
Some BSB songs incl: I Just want you to know, Shape of my heart, The one, and more.
Kelly clarkson – Because of you, Behind these hazel eyes, Beautiful Disaster, +
[although there are higher parts that I have trouble singing heh]
Most Sarah Mclachlan songs that I like/sing well[not as well as her] – perfect girl, good enough, elsewhere, hold on, circle, push, possession
Dido – The popular ones – White Flag, Here with me
James Blunt – some incl: High, Goodbye my Lover, Cry, Tears and Rain
Mandy Moore – Only Hope, Crush, Cry,
The Corrs – Runaway, Radio, Love to love you, Give me a reason, +
Nickelback – Someday, Saving me,
Chasing cars, How to save a life [in different keys cos it’s too low lol]
Savage Garden – some..
The lower ranged delta goodrem – Butterfly, Innocent eyes, Will you fall for me
M2M songs~

slow Ayumi songs
You are my love – Yui Makino
For Fruits Basket
Kaze no Machi e
Truth – Yuna Ito [have just sung it once or twice but I can see the vocals suit me]
Arigatou – Kokia
Life is a boat – Bleach
Slow Yui songs incl: Good bye Days
Slow Utada songs 😛 [yes slow are better when they are hard to sing]
Boa – Every Heart
Some korean songs provided I have the lyrics and the proper pronounciation

Songs others like me to sing:
cutesy anime ones that are a bit babyish/childish at times..

Other songs that I like and can’t sing?
Veronicas, JT, Yui, Utada, any fast songs 😛 – oh and all the other artists listed on facebook 😛
and those hard ones that jenny can sing like mariah carey, beyonce hehe..

Church Retreat enforced songs..
August 7, 2007, 8:54 pm
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These two stuck in my head for some time.. the first one more.. sooo annoying hehe..
“Therefore, being, justified, by faith..” – just that line..
and then later
“chewy chewy chewy chewy ompah pah.. aiy yai yai yai yah yah yah” [yes I say aiyaiy instead cos it sounds better :P]
It sounds like one of those songs where you can sing in rounds.. but I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of the beat yet, nor can I remember the lyrics, and Someone kept jumping ahead with the lyrics[there were two pages dissecting them] so that I had to make up the lyrics during the first verse… [I don’t know if that someone reads this though]

the other song – a youth song.. which I quite like the lyrics of but the melody in the chorus got a bit too repetitive after a while and I felt the need to harmonise but not thought of how yet..
“Indescribable, uncontainable, awestruck we fall on our knees as we humbly pro-claim, you are amazing God..” [altho I mixed the two parts of the chorus together ooops..]

Little too late..
August 1, 2007, 9:07 pm
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When I saw my blog today and I see the title I thought of the song
“(They say)I’m a little to young to understand
But it’s a little to late too hold my hand
You know I never subscribe to yes sir no sir
Gonna learn gonna love gonna take my chance
It’s a little too late for you to say
That I’m a little too young to feel this way

’cause I just wanna be loved just wanna be heard
Be lost in the feeling standing here
At the door to my life
Now that day has arrived so loud and clear
You’ll hear me singing
Do do doo do do do do do do”
Delta Goodrem’s Little too late..

July 9, 2007, 10:25 pm
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This is a nice song for jen’s wedding tracklist 🙂

“I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you
For all my life
When you’re with me, baby the skies’ll be blue
For all my life

Me and you and you and me
No matter how they toss the dice, it has to be
The only one for me is you, and you for me
So happy together